Is Your Drinking Water Safe?


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Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Dimock’s infamous “trench-like” drainage field was a cause of major concern in the spring of 2020 when the state government released a study entitled, “Trench Drainage in Dimock, PA.” The report identified that during the spring, between March and June 2020, a large amount of rain had fallen over the area.

As a result, there was an increased volume of stagnant, puddling water in this area. When the water drained out into the “drain field,” it caused a large amount of sediment to be dissolved in it. This sediment ultimately became what we refer to as “toxic chemicals.”

The residents of this community were very concerned, because many of them have developed several health problems, including dizziness, coughing, bad headaches and even asthma. After investigating the situation further, the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) determined that there was not enough evidence to prove that the Dimock drainage field was actually causing these health conditions. They recommended that no further action be taken. This is essentially what was done.

However, this recommendation by the DEP did not prevent some local citizens from forming a group called, “Stop the Trench,” which seeks to ban the use of the trench drainage system and the chemicals that may be be discharged into the drainage field. Some residents are concerned about the chemical toxins that may be being discharged into the public’s drinking water supply. Others are worried about the possible health risks that could be related to the chemicals being discharged into the public’s drinking water.

Although the Department of Health believes that there is not enough evidence to prove that the Dimock drainage field is the cause of the health conditions that some of its residents have been experiencing, the public health experts agree that they do feel that it is a problem. This is why the City of Roxbury has implemented a plan called, “The Roxbury Water Well Driller,” that will allow for the safe extraction of underground water from wells throughout the city.

Although this process does not require drilling into the ground, which was previously the only way that homeowners were able to access their underground water supply, it still allows homeowners access to their underground water source. This new procedure will also allow for the safe extraction of underground water from wells throughout the city. The purpose of this new drilling is so that homeowners will no longer have to rely on the trench drains to remove their groundwater supply.

Residents of Roxbury, PA, who were concerned with the quality of their water supply are now working with the City of Roxbury in order to ensure that their public drinking water supply is safe. In the past, residents were forced to purchase bottled water at a higher price because of the quality that some of the local water suppliers provided. With the new drilling technique that the city of Roxbury is implementing, residents will be able to obtain healthy, clean water from wells that are located throughout the city.

The Department of Public Health is also recommending that residents take steps to protect their homes and their families. This includes making sure that no chemicals or contaminants are left behind when they drain out of their pipes.

It is important for people to make sure that they only use water that has been certified by a third party, such as the American Society for Testing and Materials to assure that it meets the highest standards of purity. This is the only way that they can be sure that their family drinking water supply is safe.

The Department of Public Health is also recommending that people take measures to ensure that their wells are treated with the proper treatment chemicals before they can be used as a source of drinking water. By installing a carbon filtration system, which can remove large particles of sediment from the water, a homeowner will be sure that their water is safe for consumption.

In conclusion, the City of Roxbury is taking a proactive approach to ensure that its residents are safe. By ensuring that their water supply is safe, the residents of the city can have peace of mind about the quality of the drinking water that they are consuming.